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5 Tips for Preventing Blocked Drains Guildford

Blocked Drain In Guildford

Blocked Drain In Guildford

Blocked drains can be annoying to deal with, but on top of that, you could face added repair costs if you don’t take action quickly. If you treat your drains well, blockages can be kept to a minimum. By taking the right steps, you might not have to worry about blockages at all. The following tips will help you have cleaner drains, but you should occasionally repeat these steps for the best results.

  1. Keep These Out of Your Drains: In the past, there was a popular belief that the abrasive quality of coffee grounds helped to keep drains clear. As many plumbers will tell you, this has been debunked. The evidence is the number of blocked drains over the years filled with coffee grounds. This material settles into the s-trap because of its weight. Some people still pour cooking grease down their drains despite all warnings to the contrary. Grease will coat the inside of the drain, making it easier for other substances to get stuck in the system. The best way to deal with grease and coffee grounds is to seal them in containers and dispose of them in the trash.
  2. Protect your drain openings: One big problem with drains is the most seemingly harmless substances can end up blocking the system. An easy way to avoid this is by using a drain grate to cover the opening. This will keep hair and heavy soap scum out of the system. Drain filters require no training to install. If you know the size of the opening, you can find one to fit over the space. If in doubt, talk to your plumber.
  3. Use Heat: You already have items in your kitchen that can help to keep drains clear. Pouring hot water down the drain is an easy way to loosen gunk and grease, which will trap more substances in the system over time. If you notice that your drains are slowing down, some hot water just might do the trick.
  4. Try the Power of Baking Soda: This common household product is praised for its wide variety of uses, but you might not know that drain cleaning is among these uses. A mixture of baking soda and hot water will help to remove gunk, while also getting rid of drain odours. A baking soda and vinegar solution is another tried and proven method for drain clearing. Follow this up with hot water for greater effect.
  5. Use Vinegar: Vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent that assists in the cleaning of the interior of your plumbing system. It doesn’t work to unblock drains, but it can help prevent them in the long term.
Drain Unblocking In Guildford

Drain Unblocking In Guildford

These tips are easy to follow, but you will still need a plumber for regular maintenance of your plumbing fixtures and system. If the blockage remains after trying these tips, the problem may be deep in the system. DrainBoss is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week for all of your drainage and plumbing needs. We offer emergency services including flood cleanup. We don’t charge an additional callout fee for emergency situations, because we understand how frustrating and overwhelming a drainage emergency can be. We also offer a 5% discount on services rendered if you mention the discount code DB2301. Call us at 07772 535248 in the event of an emergency drainage problem in Guildford.

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