Blocked Drains Haywards Heath – 01444 657789

Blocked drains clearance in Haywards Heath

Blocked drains clearance in Haywards Heath

Blocked Drains in Haywards Heath?

If you have Blocked Drains and live in Haywards Heath you can have them cleared rapidly and professionally by DrainBoss drain cleaners. Located in Redwood Drive, Haywards Heath, we are also emergency plumbers and clear blocked toilets, sinks, baths and showers plus we carry out cctv drain surveys and any drain repairs in the Haywards Heath area.

Call Haywards Heath on 01444 657789 Or 07772 535248.

We also offer Gutter Cleaning in Haywards Heath using a ladderless Gutter cleaning system.
Price Promise – If you think you can find a cheaper price to clear your blocked drains in Haywards Heath, Please let us know – We promise to try and beat it!

Why Choose DrainBoss To Unblock Drains In Haywards Heath?

  • We charge a set price to clear a blocked drain. This is agreed by you before work commences.
  • No call out fee to unblock drains.
  • We have lower overheads by not being a franchise, so we can pass better drain unblocking rates onto our customers.
  • All drain and plumbing work is guaranteed.*
  • Fully insured.
  • Free camera drain survey available to every client.*
  • All our drain clearance engineers and plumbers are security checked, courteous and tidy.
Blocked Drains Haywards Heath | DrainBoss

Blocked Drains Haywards Heath

Our plumbers provide Drain Clearance in Haywards Heath – We service household and commercial customers, as well as contracts for hotels, letting agents, restaurants, property management companies, clubs and pubs, councils, NHS, Councils, insurance companies and offices.

Our customer service is unmatched and our plumbers and drain cleaners perform courtesies such as wearing shoe covers before entering your home or business premises. All customers receive the best service and complete peace of mind when they call DrainBoss Plumbing & Drainage.

Our plumbing and drain unblocking service covers Haywards Heath and all surrounding areas.

Call DrainBoss first for blocked drains

We’ll get our approved local Haywards Heath plumbers to unblock your drain rapidly. After our plumbers have been, we always ensure a courtesy call is made from our office to ensure you were totally happy with our service as customer satisfaction is key with DrainBoss!

Great Value drain repairs

DrainBoss can provide residents and businesses across Haywards Heath with a free CCTV drain Inspection with each blocked drain we clean to ensure the blockage is completely clear. It will also enable us to see if there is any drain damage. If drain damage is discovered we can advise on the best solution to fix the problem and make any necessary drain repairs.

If your drain has no damage and you just have a blocked drain, you only pay for the drain unblocking.

Drain Clearance in Haywards Heath

When you call DrainBoss we will arrange our drain clearance engineers to look at your drain problem and then unblock and clear your drain. All our drain clearance engineers are fully qualified and have plenty of experience in drain cleaning, so relax, your blocked drains are in good hands with DrainBoss.

CCTV blocked drain with roots in Haywards Heath

CCTV blocked drain with roots in Haywards Heath

How Did You Get A blocked drain?

DrainBoss is your local expert in Drain Unblocking in Haywards Heath but we also conduct a full drain survey report of how the blocked drain was caused. We have huge experience with blocked drains and can advise if your drain problem is likely to be covered by your accidental insurance cover. We can also deal directly with your insurance company to make things run as smoothly as possible and get your drains back to full working order as soon as possible.

DrainBoss are trusted drainage contractors and proud to be the drains company that businesses and residents return to for unblocking blocked drains, drain repair and drain maintenance.

What Our Customers Say About Us:

Customer satisfaction is paramount with DrainBoss and we welcome all feedback from our customers. Whenever we unblock a drain in Haywards Heath we always ask our customers how we performed. You can see our feedback on our checkatrade page. One of our recent customers said “Chris arrived at my house and I was in a right state. I was quoted a set price for clearing my blocked drain over the phone before he arrived. The job turned out to be bigger than expected, however, Chris got on with unblocking the drain. He diagnosed the issue and advised on what action we needed to take to prevent further blockages. Despite the job taking longer than anticipated, Chris stuck to the agreed price. I’d recommend DrainBoss for any drain cleaning or drain repair work and would not hesitate passing their number onto anyone who needed drain cleaning.” – Vicky Robinson.

DrainBoss offer a 24-hour emergency call out service to all areas of Haywards Heath. We will repair frozen pipes, burst pipes, broken toilets, ball valves, toilet cisterns, leaky taps and many other plumbing problems such as blocked drains and drain repair. We aim to get to a job rapidly and will act promptly to put the emergency right.

Our plumbers are highly trained individuals with years of experience. We quote a set price before we commence work and stick to the price no matter how long a job takes. All our plumbing work is guaranteed.

Are you looking for Gutter Cleaning in Haywards Heath?
DrainBoss technicians are specialist gutter cleaners in Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas including Haywards Heath and Wadhurst. We have the latest ladder-less gutter vacuum systems which are a much safer way to clean your gutters and they can clean your gutters more effectively and efficiently, giving our customers excellent service and value for money.

Gutters left blocked will overflow and may cause expensive damage to brickwork through water ingress and could cause a property’s foundation to get waterlogged.

So if you need your gutters cleaned in Haywards Heath, call us now on 01444 657789 or 07772 535248.

* See terms & conditions.

Call DrainBoss now for clearance of all blocked drains in Haywards Heath.

15 Responses to Blocked Drains Haywards Heath – 01444 657789

  1. James Keenan says:

    “I had a completely blocked drain in haywards Heath. The manhole cover wouldn’t even go back on. Gordon sorted efficiently and also fixed the cover on an additional drain and unblocked that drain too. DrainBoss come highly recommended.”
    – James Keenan, Haywards Heath.

  2. Anna Gomez says:

    “Very happy with drain unblocking service.”

    – Anna Gomez, Haywards Heath

  3. Jenna Hemming says:

    “Graham arrived within 90 minutes promised. The blocked toilet waste stack pipe was unblocked and the area cleaned very efficiently.”

    – Jenna Hemming, Haywards Heath

  4. Joseph Mitcham says:

    “I would recommend DrainBoss drain clearance company in Haywards Heath.”

    – Joseph Mitcham, Haywards Heath

  5. Yvonne day says:

    “Very professional, efficient drain unblocking and I would recommend DrainBoss. I would use them again.”

    – Yvonne Day, Haywards Heath.

  6. Peter Hughes says:

    “DrainBoss cleared my drains well. Reasonably priced drain unblocking, and no VAT – Nice!”

    Peter Hughes, Haywards Heath.

  7. Mike Skelton says:

    “Brilliant – great job, thank you.
    If you have blocked drains in Haywards Heath I would recommend DrainBoss.”

    – Mike Skelton, Haywards Heath.

  8. How to fix a blocked drain…

    At DrainBoss, the leading drain company in Haywards Heath, we get asked to clear blocked drains in Haywards Heath every day! We really know drains, but sometimes people like to have a go themselves…if this is you, you may find the following advice helpful:

    The first stage of fixing a blocked drain is to find what fixtures are being effected and then find where the common pipe is that they run into.

    Next, locate and check the inspection chambers downstream of the effected fixtures and see if they are blocked.

    It can be helpfull to see if your neighbour is suffering with blocked drains as well in case the problem lies within the main drain line.

    Put a powerful drain cleaner into the inspection chamber nearest to the blockage and see if it clears. Test the drain is flowing correctly by flushing through at least half a bath full of water.

    You could also use a Plunger or drain rods, however, these appliances can push the blockage further downstream and you could still be left with the cause of the blockage – or even worse get a drain rod stuck in the drain, making the problem even worse.

    You could hire or buy an Electric drain snake which can tear away at the blockage, however, because it can just tear at the blockage you could be left with a high percentage of the blockage still in your pipes. This may clear the blockage temporarily but because the diameter of the pipe is till smaller than it should be it will be prone to build up of waste and create further blockages in the future. If they are not handled correctly, and electric drain snake can also cause serious injury.

    DrainBoss plumbers use professional high pressure jetting machines which blast through a blockage at 4000psi. They not only remove blockages in the drain but also can scrub the pipe clean really efficiently.

    If tree roots have created your blocked drain it is likely your drain will block again. Depending on the type of tree, a drain can clog again within 3 months of clearing a drain but normally a drain should stay clear for at least 12 months if it has been professionally jetted.

    Once the drain has been cleared you have a number of options:
    • Leave the drain until it blocks again.
    • Get the drain professionally inspected with a drain camera to find the cause of the blockage and get it professionally dealt with. Roots for example can be cut away and we can use resin patches or liners to repair the drain, avoiding the inconvenience of excavation.

    If you have a drain problem or a blocked drain in Haywards Heath and would like advice or need it dealt with, please call DrainBoss on 01444 657789. You will experience a friendly and professional service that will be able to get your drains back to normal in no time. Take a look at the reviews from our blocked drain customers in Haywards Heath on

  9. Blocked drains in Haywards Heath cause chaos for households throughout the year. This creates problems such as blocked sinks, blocked toilets & foul smells around your property.
    There isn’t a situation with blocked drains in haywards heath that DrainBoss haven’t come across and below we list some of the most common causes of a blocked drain:

    Grease & Fat are big reasons why people get blocked drains in Haywards Heath. All types of food can lead to build ups and blockages in drain pipes but by its very nature, grease and fat are one of the worst. Be careful what you wash down your sink and don’t put too much left over food etc. down the plug hole. Try to bin left overs where possible.

    Hair in a drain pipe can build up over time and create a blocked drain. Haywards Heath has many hair salons and we frequently get called out to unblock drains because of this problem, but domestic houses have their fair share of blocked drains due to hair build up which can stop water flowing through them as it should.

    Try to monitor how much hair is being washed down your drains and use a hair trap where possible to prevent blocked sinks, blocked showers & blocked baths.

    Nappies, toys, sanitary products and even jewellery are causes of blocked drains in Haywards heath that we have come across. Children will often be the culprits for toys being flushed down the toilet but you’d be amazed at the number of adults that treat their drains as a rubbish bin. Avoid getting blockages in this way or you could find yourself paying for a drain unblocking company in Haywards Heath to fix the problem.

    If you do find you have blocked drains in Haywards Heath, DrainBoss charge fixed prices and don’t have a callout fee. call them on 01444 657789.

  10. Unblocking Drains, Haywards Heath – Prevent Flood Damage.
    DrainBoss have issued a warning to residential & business property owners that they could be faced with huge disruption during the winter months if preventative action isn’t taken to prevent flooding.

    DrainBoss Plumbing & Drainage ( strongly recommends that Haywards Heath residence & business ensure their drains are clear of blockages. Flooding can be minimised if people clear their blocked drains in haywards Heath over the coming months as historically January & February usually combine the highest rainfall for the year. Melting snow, combined with rain can create large water flows into the drain systems of Haywards Heath.

    Weather forecasts for January & February 2014 portray colder temperatures than normal with more snow than usual.

    A CCTV drain survey can assist identifying any blocked drains or drainage issues.

    DrainBoss director, Gordon Brown, said ” It is very easy to think flooding won’t happen to you but there is a definate risk and by not preparing for potential problems you are increasing the risk.

    Many insurance policies will cover property damage but most will not cover loss of business hours and inconvenience caused by a flood due to blocked drains. It is imperative business owners ensure their drains are block free to avoid nasty & costly emergencies in the coming months.”

    If you would like a preventative CCTV Drain Survey or need to clear a blocked drain in Haywards Heath simply call DrainBoss on 01444657789.

  11. James Simmons says:

    Blocked drains Haywards Heath.
    Excellent service as always. Unblocked my drains and de scaled.
    James Simmons, Haywards Heath, 13 March 2014

  12. Gemma Harris says:

    Blocked drain Burgess Hill
    Great service! Came out within 1 hour and unblocked the drain. I’ll definitely recommend this company.
    From: Gemma Harris, Burgess Hill. Work done: 17 March 2014

  13. John Elliston says:

    Blocked drain Haywards Heath.
    Super job – really helpful guys. Well done.
    From: John Elliston, Haywards Heath. Work done: 14 March 2014

  14. Nigel Clarke says:

    Blocked drains Haywards Heath
    Excellent service as always. Unblocked my drains and de scaled.
    From: Nigel Clarke, Haywards Heath. Work done: 13 March 2014

  15. Nicole Patterson says:

    Blocked Sink Drain haywards Heath
    I don’t think I’ve come across a company that did what they said they would do as efficiently as they did it, in a long time.
    From: Nicole Patterson, Haywards Heath.

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