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Blocked drains clearance in Denmead

Blocked drains clearance in Denmead

3 Easy Solutions for Unblocking Blocked Drains in Denmead
Dealing with a blocked drain is something that most homeowners dread. You may start using liquid drain cleaners at the first sign of a slow drain, and that’s totally understandable. We never recommend, however, using a liquid drain cleaner while you’re in the middle of plunging or using an auger. The cleaner could splash up and hit your skin or eyes, causing serious injury. Here are three easy solutions for unblocking blocked drains in Denmead.

1. Plunger: There are three distinct types of plunger. The cup plunger is the first that comes to mind when most people think of a plunger. This is the perfect plunger for sinks and tubs because it creates an excellent seal. Toilet plungers or flange plungers have the ability to create a seal in nearly every type of toilet. The accordion plunger is designed to provide more force with each plunge. The hard plastic makes it difficult to create a vacuum seal, but they’re still very effective at unblocking the toilet. Always make sure you’re using the right plunger for the right type of drain.

2. Auger: An auger is also called a pipe snake. They’re a metal rope with a pointed metal end. The rope is pushed through the drains until the pointed end reaches the blockage. The pressure supplied by the reel pushes the tip through the blockage and allows water to start flowing through.

3. Call DrainBoss: Just give us a call and let us take care of it. We fully understand that no one wants to deal with a blocked pipe for a variety of reasons. Our trucks are fully equipped to handle any plumbing or drainage situation.

We’re partial to the third solution, obviously, because we can make sure the blockage is gone and no harm has come to your drainage system. We will use our water jetting system to tear the blockage out and clean the interior of your drainage system.

Blocked sink drain In Denmead

Blocked sink drain In Denmead

Call DrainBoss for Blocked Drains in Denmead
We are an independently owned and operated plumbing and drainage business. We aren’t a big franchise, so we don’t have to increase our prices to pay franchise fees. We offer the best in drain clearance, drain tracing, drain repair, drain unblocking, and other plumbing and drainage services in Denmead. And we let you choose whether you want to pay us by the hour or by the project.
Call any of our local numbers to reach a plumbing and drainage specialist who can repair drain problems in Denmead. Make sure to mention the internet discount code DB2301 and we’ll instantly take 5% off of your invoice.
Call our 24/7 emergency helpline at 02393 190789 if you’re in immediate need of a professional drainage or plumbing technician for drainage problems or blocked drains in Denmead. Our services aren’t limited to the daylight hours because we understand that plumbing and drainage problems can happen any time. Our trucks are fitted with everything our technicians need to clean up and repair all plumbing and drainage problems.
Our technicians are capable of unblocking drains and repairing drain problems as well as troubleshooting and solving all other drainage issues. We are City and Guilds Accredited and Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme Accredited as well. is a wonderful place to get information about our plumbing and drainage services and to read reviews about us. We encourage you to read the low reviews as well as the higher-rated reviews. DrainBoss, as of the time of this blog post, has a cumulative score of 9.90 out of 10 with 647 total reviews. We’re very proud of that score and we enjoy seeing new reviews added on a regular basis because we know it means we’re leaving satisfied customers with unblocked drains in the Denmead and surrounding areas.

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