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Blocked drain in Ditchling

Blocked drain in Ditchling

7 Causes of Blocked Drains in Ditchling

Blocked drains in Ditchling can be caused by any variety of things. And these issues don’t always follow your schedule. You’re more likely to experience a blocked drain when you’re in a rush to get to work or if have guests coming to town for the weekend. It can never be planned or convenient timing, right? Here are 7 causes of blocked drains, so you can keep an eye out for potential problems in the future.

  1. Soap Scum Buildup: A lot of people don’t realize that something as simple as using soap can lead to a blocked drain. But the film that it creates within the pipes can pick up hair and other small things, and before you know it, you have a quite large blockage.
  2. Hair: Human hair and pet hair are all the same to your drainage system. They’re small, and they can get wrapped around other things that are already lodged, effectively increasing the size of the blockage.
  3. Food Scraps: Never pour food scraps or cooking grease down the drain. This is a blockage waiting to happen. Grease solidifies within the pipes, even when you pour boiling water down the drain with it.
  4. Bath and Body Products: Shampoo, conditioner, shaving gels, and other things create a film much like soap scum.
  5. Tree and Shrubbery Roots: Tree roots seek out water wherever they can find it. They will work their way into the joints or cracks in the drainage system and continue to grow.
  6. Paper Overload: Too much of a good thing is bad. Too much toilet paper will cause a blocked toilet drain.
  7. Small Items: Small things like accidentally dropped cotton buds, feminine hygiene products, and baby wipes are not meant for the drainage system. Also keep a close eye on your toddler and their toys. Children are curious by nature and may decide to see if their toy can swim back to the surface after being pushed down the drain or flushed down the toilet.
CCTV Inspecting A Blocked Drain In Ditchling

CCTV Inspecting A Blocked Drain In Ditchling

Our technicians are capable of unblocking drains and repairing drain problems as well as troubleshooting and solving all other drainage issues. We are Trading Standards Approved and Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme Accredited as well.

Call our 24/7 emergency helpline at 01273 921789 if you’re in immediate need of a professional drainage or plumbing technician for drainage problems or blocked drains in Ditchling. Our services aren’t limited to the daylight hours because we understand that plumbing and drainage problems can happen any time. Our trucks are fitted with everything our technicians need to clean up and repair all plumbing and drainage problems. is a wonderful place to get information about our plumbing and drainage services and to read reviews about us. DrainBoss, as of the time of this blog post, has a cumulative score of 9.89 out of 10 with 750 total reviews. We’re very proud of that score and we enjoy seeing new reviews added on a regular basis because we know it means we’re leaving satisfied customers in with flowing drains in the Ditchling area.

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