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Jetting Blocked drains in Folkington

Jetting Blocked drains in Folkington

5 Things that Cause Blocked Drains in Folkington and How to Fix Them

Folkington is a lovely area with many attractions and sights including the Folkington Manor. A city this size has its fair share of plumbing problems like blocked drains, urinals, and toilets – as to be expected. DrainBoss is prepared to handle all sorts of plumbing problems involving both domestic and commercial properties in Folkington and the surrounding areas.

Blocked drains are often caused by something very small washing down the drain, attaching to the side of the inside wall of the pipe, and catching hair and other small bits of organic material. Small blockages may be treated with liquid drain cleaners, but these can be very damaging to your pipes over time. Use them sparingly, and only when absolutely necessary.

Some Unusual Causes of Blocked Drains

  1. Children’s Toys – Children are curious. They love to experiment with their toys. One single thought of my toy can dive down this hole and the toy becomes a potential drain blocking hazard.
  2. Toilet Paper – Yes toilet paper is perfectly safe for your drainage system, but young children often roll of far too much and create a blockage.
  3. Cotton Buds – Once you’re finished with your cotton buds, toss them in the trash, not into the toilet. They get stuck on tiny debris, or the child’s toy as mentioned above, and help create a large blockage.
  4. Dentures – Accidents happen, and dentures get dropped. They are the perfect size to flow down the drain and get caught on any small snag along the way.
  5. Broken Glass – Glasses are often left on the sink for rinsing after brushing your teeth. Unfortunately, when they get accidentally knocked off of the sink, they often shatter. Bits of glass flow down the drain and get stuck on other items.
  6. Small Pill Bottles – Prescription pill bottles are often either dropped down the drain accidentally or as a means of discarding the bottle once the medicine is gone. They’re just the right size to cause a serious blocked drain.

Drain Unblocking Solution

As we mentioned above, you can use a drain cleaner for some blocked drains sometimes, but they do not clean the entire drain. In fact, they leave it susceptible to future blockages by leaving build-up in the top and sides of the drain instead of cleaning the entire thing in one fell swoop. Jetting is, by far, the best way to clear a drain blockage and clean the pipes at the same time.

Our highly pressurized water jetting system sprays water in five directions at once: straight forward and in a star shape around the nozzle. The centre nozzle breaks up the blockage while the others pull debris in the opposite direction. This unique push and pull tears blockages apart easily and effectively. The pressurized water cleans the pipes in the process of clearing the blocked drain.

Blocked Drains in Folkington

DrainBoss serves the entire Folkington area. Our service area includes domestic and commercial property owners. Call our emergency hotline any time at 01323 332789 and if you’re a new customer mention DB2301 and we’ll take 5% off of your bill immediately. We’re available 24/7 for emergencies and we are fully licensed and insured to work on all types of plumbing & drainage works.

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