Blocked Drains in Haslemere

Blocked Drains in Haslemere are no longer a problem with DrainBoss in the area.

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Blocked drains clearance in Haslemere

Blocked drains clearance in Haslemere

Although a leaky tap and broken shower head is tolerable, a blocked drain can get really nasty, especially when wastewater backs up causing mess, stench and even health hazards. The problem is that some blocked drains often don’t manifest until the damage is already too much to handle on your own. So if you are having blocked drains and don’t have a clue how to solve them, you have come to the right place! We at DrainBoss specialise in clearance of blocked drains Haslemere, and you can rely on us for a prompt efficient drain unblocking service in Haslemere and the surrounding areas. Rather than wait for the problem to escalate, you should deal with blocked drains as early as possible.

How can you tell if drains are blocked?

There are many signs, but many people dismiss them as something that can easily be taken care of. Unfortunately, this often is not the case. Be on the lookout for the following:

  • Difficulty when flushing the loo
  • Stinking water collecting on the surface
  • Water drains away slowly from the sink

In worst cases, you might see signs of subsidence on driveways, windowsills and brickwork. It may seem hard to believe that blockage can do such damage, but this problem does not just occur inside the house. It can also affect downpipes, sewers and gullys, which means using cleaners and/or plunger, or unscrewing the trap to clear it out, might not be sufficient to fix the problem completely. Don’t delay, give us a call today and drive your blocked drain problems away! Call DrainBoss for Haslemere drain unblocking on 01428 870789.

What causes blocked drains Haslemere?

Hair and grease are often the causes of a blocked sink. Soap scale build up and hair can often create blockages in bath and shower drains, and you would be surprised what items we find in toilet drains that should be there – anything from children’s toys, sanitary items, wet wipes etc. are all offending items that cause blocked drains. The following causes, however, are also factors in creating blocked drains:

Age of the house

Old pipes particularly those made of cast iron, corrode over time. This means that old houses are more prone to blockage compared to new ones. Properties built during the 1960s are likely to have a similar fate, because most of them used pitch fibre pipes that deteriorate and deflate over time, with a high probability of collapsing.

Pipe construction

Drain repair Haslemere

Drain repair Haslemere

Drain lining repair in Haslemere using trenchless technology structural lining

Drain lining repair in Haslemere using trenchless technology structural lining

Are you hiring plumbers more than usual? You might want look into the pipe construction, especially when your home is a relatively new build. You see, badly built drains with poorly designed manholes can cause blocked drains. The same thing is true with drains with poor fall from the pipes. When the cause is the pipe construction, the pipe connections may need to be re installed. We at Drainboss will be more than happy to assist you with CCTV drain surveys and drain repairs in Haslemere and surrounding post codes. Once a fault is diagnosed we can often repair drains using trenchless technology which is less expensive and much less intrusive  than traditional digging and replacing faulty pipes.

Potential Causes of blocked drains in Haslemere

CCTV blocked drain with roots in Haslemere

CCTV blocked drain with roots in Haslemere

What can you do when nature decides to realign the pipes? Heavy ground movement can cause pipelines to break, collapse or fracture. A similar effect can occur; however, when a fast-moving and heavy vehicle drives over pipes that are laid down too close to the surface. There are also instances when tree roots grow through pipe joints, manhole walls and cracked pipes. To pinpoint the real problem, further investigation has to be made. And the best thing to sort this out is to give Drainboss a call. We are able to run some tests, using coloured dyes. We are also qualified to conduct a CCTV drain survey/inspection to check for blockage or areas that might have displaced joints, root ingress or collapses. Once we determine the cause, we set out to work on fixing your blocked drains Haslemere. We have years of experience and are Trading Standards approved so you can be assured the work will be of great standard and value for money.

Who do you call to fix blocked drains Haslemere?

For concerns in blocked drains in Haslemere, do not settle for anyone else aside from DrainBoss. From the company name alone, you can see that we mean business when dealing with blockage. Apart from clearance and round-the-clock emergency assistance, we also handle:

  • Blocked toilet in Haslemere

    Blocked toilet in Haslemere

    Drain cleaning and unblocking

  • Drain repair
  • CCTV drain surveys
  • Drain tracking
  • Blocked toilets, sinks, baths and showers
  • Manhole repair
  • Appliance installation
  • Septic tank, sewage pit, cesspit installation
  • Septic tank, sewage pit, cesspit emptying
  • Water Mains Repair
  • Saniflo
  • High Pressure Water Jetting
  • Leaky & Dripping Taps
  • Burst Pipes
  • Power Flushing
  • Gutter Cleaning

We offer an extensive range of services designed to fix all drainage problems that households or commercial businesses might experience. Most importantly, we offer 24/7 emergency blocked drain assistance, so we are always available to assist whenever a drain problem arises. It is important to note that, when hiring plumbers and drain companies, you should check if the company is fully insured. Clearing a blockage may not seem like a dangerous job on the surface, but when work involves dealing with sewers, risks are increased significantly, which is why liability insurance is important. The last thing you need is more problems due to improper repairs. If you hire DrainBoss to fix your blocked drains, you won’t have a problem in this department – We are insured for £2,000,000. Moreover, all the services we offer are Trading Standards approved. What more can you ask for?   Call DrainBoss for Haslemere drain solutions on 01428 870789.

Insurance policy for blocked drains Haslemere

You may wish to check your insurance policy if plumbing or drain repairs is covered. Anything that can lower service fees would greatly ease the stress you might be experiencing due to the blockage. DrainBoss can even handle your insurance claim for you.  So, for any problems with blocked drains in Haslemere, don’t hesitate to call us at DrainBoss today on 07772 535248.