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Blocked drains clearance in Lancing

Blocked drains clearance in Lancing

Avoid the Health Risks Involved with Blocked Drains in Lancing.

A blocked drain poses certain health risks for your household. Regardless of the location of the blockage, you’re dealing with dirty water that is rapidly accumulating germs and creating more foul odours. Today we’ve put together a list of health risks involved with blocked drains in Lancing.

  • Idle Water: Water begins to collect germs and bacteria when it comes to a standstill. Legionella is the biggest risk where standing water is concerned. The water standing in your drainage system could be water from the sink or tub, which is called gray water, or it could be water from the toilet, called black water. Black water and gray water are different, but both are considered waste water and carry certain health concerns.
  • Foul Odours: Foul odours wreak havoc on our mood and overall sense of wellbeing. You may become stressed, anxious, or develop symptoms like headache or fatigue. The odours aren’t a life-threatening issue, but they are not pleasant.
  • Allergic or Asthmatic Reactions: People with asthma or allergies may suffer more attacks when they are in the general area of a blocked drain for an extended period of time.

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Our technicians are capable of unblocking blocked drains, drain repair, and troubleshooting and solving all other drainage issues. We are City and Guilds Accredited and Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme Accredited as well.

Blocked sink drain In Lancing

Blocked sink drain In Lancing

Emergency Drainage Help in Lancing

Call our 24/7 emergency helpline at 07772 535248 if you’re in immediate need of a professional drainage or plumbing technician for drainage problems or blocked drains in Lancing any time, day or night. Our services aren’t limited to the daylight hours because we understand that plumbing and drainage problems can happen any time. Our trucks are fitted with everything our technicians need to clean up and repair all drainage issues.

Small Independent Business

We are an independently owned and operated plumbing and drainage business. We aren’t a big franchise, so we don’t have to increase our prices to pay franchise fees. We offer the best in drain clearance, drain tracing, drain repair, drain unblocking, and other plumbing and drainage services in Lancing. And we let you choose whether you want to pay us by the hour or by the project.

Call any of our local numbers to reach a plumbing and drainage specialist who can repair drain problems in Lancing. Make sure to mention the internet discount code DB2301 and we’ll instantly take 5% off of your invoice for blocked drains in Lancing.

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