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Blocked drains in Lee on the Solent

Blocked drains in Lee on the Solent

4 Signs of Blocked Drains in Lee on the Solent

Did you know that your plumbing and drainage system gives you warning signs when you’re about to get a blocked drain in Lee on the Solent? You may notice one symptom in the kitchen sink and other symptoms in other drains. This can get confusing because most people aren’t aware that most of the plumbing inside their home ultimately goes to the same place. Here’s how you can tell if the main drain line is giving you warning signs that something is going on.

  1. Gurgling Noises. Your plumbing and drainage system should be relatively quiet. You’ll usually hear some noises that are specific to your system, but gurgling noises aren’t normal. A gurgling noise means that water and waste aren’t properly flowing through the pipes and into the sewers like they should.
  2. Unusual Odours. Every drainage system has its own set of odours. Foul odours are usually the result of something stuck in the system. Food and waste may become stuck somewhere along the way and begin to rot. The odour of rot may come up through the drain and into your home.
  3. Washing Machine Doesn’t Empty Correctly. The washing machine generally drains into the city sewage system just like all other gray water. If there’s a blockage in the main line the washer may drain and backwash into the bath tub, shower, or sink.
  4. Toilet Backwash. We all want the water and waste to go down the drain when we flush the toilet. We never want to see the water fill… and fill… and overflow onto our floor as we frantically try to move all rugs and towels out of the floor. This is a major sign that there is a blockage somewhere between the toilet and the main line or in the main line itself.
CCTV drain inspection in Lee on the Solent

CCTV drain inspection in Lee on the Solent

Call DrainBoss for Blocked Drains in Lee on the Solent

We are an independently owned and operated plumbing and drainage business. We aren’t a big franchise, so we don’t have to increase our prices to pay franchise fees. We offer the best in drain clearance, CCTV drain surveys & tracing, drain repair, drain unblocking, and other plumbing and drainage services in Lee on the Solent. And we let you choose whether you want to pay us by the hour or by the project.

Call any of our local numbers to reach a plumbing and drainage specialist who can repair drain problems in Lee on the Solent. Make sure to mention the internet discount code DB2301 and we’ll instantly take 5% off of your invoice.

Call our 24/7 emergency helpline at 02393 190789 if you’re in immediate need of a professional drainage or plumbing technician for drainage problems or blocked drains in Lee on the Solent. Our services aren’t limited to the daylight hours because we understand that plumbing and drainage problems can happen any time. Our trucks are fitted with everything our technicians need to clean up and repair all plumbing and drainage problems.

Our technicians are capable of unblocking drains and repairing drain problems as well as troubleshooting and solving all other drainage issues. We are City and Guilds Accredited and Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme Accredited as well. is a wonderful place to get information about our plumbing and drainage services and to read reviews about us. DrainBoss, as of the time of this blog post, has a cumulative score of 9.90 out of 10 with 693 total reviews. We’re very proud of that score and we enjoy seeing new reviews added on a regular basis because we know it means we’re leaving satisfied customers as a result of our blocked drain clearance, and other drainage services, carried out in Lee on the Solent and surrounding areas.

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