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Blocked drains in Plumpton

Blocked drains in Plumpton

6 Things that Will Cause Blocked Drains in Plumpton

Even though drain blockages are expected at some point, this does not make them less of a nuisance. Plumbing technicians who operate in Plumpton and nearby communities know the common causes of the issues and how to deal with them.

  1. Soap scum. Although soap is supposed to make things clean, it can still cause problems in the drainage system. As it mixes with dirt it turns into scum that is slowly deposited in the lines. Over time other materials will get stuck to this material and the line will narrow until it is completely blocked.
  2. Loose hair is a common cause of slow drains. By itself it usually does not completely block the line as the water will seep through the tangles. As this causes more debris to collect in the line, it will eventually become a full blockage. Hair can be kept out of the lines with a drain screen.
  3. Despite frequent warnings from plumbing professionals, some homeowners still allow grease to get in drains. The problem is that the grease will stick to the pipes. As it thickens, more grease and other substances will be deposited and soon the drain run may be completely blocked. A pipe snake can sometimes be used to break through this clog, but it will not remove most of the grease from the line. After a while a blockage may develop in the same spot again.
  4. Food particles. Plates should be cleared before they are washed in the sink. Small food particles may seem harmless, but they add up and soon enough they will settle in the drain line and impede the flow of water. Food deposits are mostly found in the joints of the system, and when combined with grease or soap scum this can lead to a severe blockage.
  5. Paper products. Since bathroom tissue is a type of paper, some people mistakenly believe that other types of paper can be flushed into the system. Many of these paper products are too heavy to move through the lines, and they can block drains quickly.
  6. Tree roots. Many people are unaware that the trees in their yards can cause problems for drains. As roots seek nourishment, they will enter even the smallest cracks in drain lines. This constant supply of water and food will cause the roots to grow quickly and fill the lines.

Other factors can cause drainage problems for people living in Plumpton and other areas. Follow the advice from your plumbing technician on using drains properly to avoid common blockages.

Our technicians are capable of unblocking drains and repairing drain problems as well as troubleshooting and solving all other drainage issues. We are Trading Standards Approved and Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme Accredited as well.

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