Blocked Drains In Tunbridge Wells


Blocked Drains In Tunbridge Wells

Blocked Drains In Tunbridge Wells

How You Can Tell if Your Tunbridge Wells Plumber is Properly Prepared Fix Your Blocked Drain.

Plumbing emergencies and blocked drains are not planned events. Homeowners usually experience emergency situations at the worst possible times. This often leads to hiring an emergency plumber or drain unblocking specialist who isn’t exactly the best at unblocking drains or emergency clean up, but is simply the cheapest in the neighbourhood. Sometimes it’s a relative or friend of a relative and you hire them because you aren’t familiar with handling this type of emergency situation. Today I’m going to show you how you can tell up front if your Tunbridge Wells plumber is properly prepared to handle your particular emergency.

Drain Unblocking Jetting Eequipment

Drain Unblocking Jetting Eequipment

The Truck or Van

The truck or van the plumber drives will tell you a lot about whether they’re prepared for the job. Is it large enough to be well stocked with much-needed supplies that every plumber needs to unblock drains and take care of plumbing emergency clean up? A small vehicle cannot carry heavy equipment that is often needed in blocked drain¬†emergencies such as high pressure jetting equipment and electro mechanical snakes.

The Plumber/Drain Engineer’s Appearance

We get a good laugh from images being shared on social media. Just say no to crack with an image of a blue jean clad plumber kneeling underneath the sink. This is not the image of a professional plumber. Look for a neatly fitted uniform or jeans with a company shirt.

Talking it Through

Plumbers & drain engineer’s don’t always possess the gift of gab, but they should at least keep you updated on the progress of your drain repairs. We carry a lot of different tools in our vans and often need to visit the van to retrieve something. We rarely have to leave your location before the job is completed. A good plumber will always keep you updated on what he sees and what he is doing. If he doesn’t; ask questions.

The Stranger in Your Home

We understand how worrisome it can be to invite a perfect stranger into your home for plumbing or drain repairs. The van driven, the plumber’s appearance, and their demeanor say a lot for the type of service you’re going to receive. Those things also help put your mind at ease when inviting a stranger into your home. Remember, you’re the homeowner, if you don’t feel comfortable at any given time, ask them to leave and call someone else.

Repeated Trips to the Office

We can’t always be perfectly prepared for every possible situation, but if your plumber is leaving your home every few minutes to return to the shop to pick up something he forgot; you hired someone who is unprepared for the job.

Drain Unblocking Tunbridge Wells

Drain Unblocking Tunbridge Wells

Repair for Blocked Drains in Tunbridge Wells

DrainBoss Plumbing and Drainage is available 24/7 for all of your emergency plumbing needs and fully equipped to fix your blocked drain problems. If you have need of plumbing emergency clean up or need someone with experience in unblocking drains, please give us a call. We don’t have a call out charge, and offer a fixed fee service. We provide all emergency plumbing & drain related services to both residential and commercial clients in and around Tunbridge Wells. Take advantage of our 5% off internet special by requesting a discount quote using DB2301 when you call us to schedule the appointment.

DrainBoss is Trading Standards Approved and vetted. Let someone you can trust fix your blocked drains in Tunbridge Wells: 01892 300789.


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