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Blocked sink in Coydon

Blocked sink in Croydon

Kitchen Drainage Problems: How to Handle a Blocked Sink in Croydon

Normally you hear about blocked drains in Croydon, but sometimes the blockage starts in the kitchen sink. In many cases, kitchen sink blockage is a direct result of bad housekeeping. Like with any drainage issue, kitchen sinks become blocked by objects that should not have been in the pipe.

You should try to prevent food scraps such as rice, peels and meat getting down into the sink drain. This is one sure way to cause a build-up that will eventually lead to the sink becoming blocked. Grease is another major culprit when it comes to kitchen sinks becoming blocked. The pipes leading from your kitchen sink has in what are known as traps that does just that, so nothing much other than water passes through. Over time, all food scraps that did not pass through will block off the pipes resulting a backup.

Fixes for Croydon Kitchen sink Blockages


A plunger is a handy tool to keep in the kitchen to handle blockages. So, if you do not own a plunger for the kitchen, you should buy one. If you have a double sink in your kitchen, you will to ensure enough suction from the plunger by creating a sea around the second sink drain. You can do this by simply holding a wet towel or cloth over the second drain so as to seal it. You can also plug it, but ensure that it is properly sealed so that the plunger has enough suction to work on whatever is causing the blockage.

Drain cleaner

You can also use a commercial or homemade drain cleaner to unclog a blocked kitchen sink. Normally these types of solutions will clear simple clogs.

A Snake

For messy goo, running a pipe snake through the pipe is sufficient to remove the blockage. In fact, every homeowner should have a pipe snake or two to help with blocked drains.

Clearing Blocked Sink Drain In Croydon

Clearing Blocked Sink Drain In Croydon

Clearing the P-Trap

Of course, some blockages will require that you physically remove some joints in the drainage system. The P-trap is that bend in the pipe that lead from the sink into the drain pipe that leads to the external drainage system. That bend in the pipe often gets clogged by food particles and grease.

Except for rare instances, blocked drains and sinks do not just happen overnight. To prevent sink blockage, regular maintenance of your plumbing and drainage system is important. You can use the methods above to clear a simple blockage, but some blockages will need the experts. If your kitchen sink is frequently blocked, then it is an indication of something serious going on with your drainage system.

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