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CCTV drain inspection Fareham

CCTV drain inspection Fareham

A CCTV Drain Survey in Fareham Can be Performed in a Variety of Areas

The use of CCTV cameras for cctv drain surveys in Fareham has had a dramatic impact on the way plumbing and drainage experts do business. Drainage companies had to dig up your garden and cut holes in walls in years past, but now, with the use of a CCTV camera system, we can investigate drains and pipes of all types without being destructive or invasive. Our cameras are small enough to go into the following drain types with fast and effective results.

Sewers and Storm Drains

Sewers and storm drains are the catch-all where human waste, trash, and debris are concerned. These systems consist of considerably larger pipes than those that run through your home’s plumbing and drainage system. Regardless of how large these pipes are, they still become blocked with debris from time to time and must be inspected and repaired.

Conduits and Manholes

Most conduits and manholes also consist of very large concrete pipes that are subject to rodent infestation and the shifting of the earth surrounding them. They may develop weak spots from time to time and require repair. Our CCTV cameras allow us to locate the problems from safety above.

Wells and Electrical Conduits

Plumbing and drainage specialists aren’t the only professionals or tradesmen who benefit from CCTV drain surveys in Fareham. Electricians, builders, cable and line technicians, and others also use this technology to make their job easier.

What a CCTV Drain Survey in Fareham May Reveal

  • Wildlife or Animals in the Pipes
  • Broken Pipes
  • Foreign Objects in the Pipes
  • Tree Roots Growing into the Pipes
CCTV survey in Fareham

CCTV survey in Fareham

Reasons to Order a CCTV Drain Survey in Fareham

Slow draining water is one of the most important reasons to order a CCTV drain survey in Fareham. We can use our cameras to examine the culvert or other pipe and make a diagnosis. Once we have a good diagnosis of the issue, we can formulate a course of action to repair the pipes.

Gurgling noises and bad odours are another good reason to order a CCTV drain survey in Fareham. Noises and odours are not signs of a healthy drainage system. You may have a serious issue that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

DrainBoss is a centrally located, locally owned plumbing and drainage company. We incorporate top of the line equipment and solutions to all types of drainage problems from blocked drains to blocked culverts. We work with homeowners and commercial property owners alike. We never charge a call out fee regardless of the time and we offer a 5% internet discount if you reference DB2301 when you make your appointment for a CCTV drain survey in Fareham with us.

Check us out on Checkatrade to see what your neighbours have to say about us. We are also accredited by Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) and City and Guilds. We’re available for any plumbing or drainage emergency you may face. Call our emergency number 02393 190789 in the event of an emergency drainage situation or cctv drain survey requirement in Fareham.

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