CCTV Drain Survey When Buying A Home

Cctv inspecting An Unblocked Drain in Sussex

Cctv inspecting An Unblocked Drain in Sussex

Why You Should Ask for a CCTV Drain Survey when Buying a Home

If you are buying a house, especially an older one, you should request a CCTV drain survey of the drainage system. Older homes may have drainage issues that you may not know about. Putting a camera down the pipes will highlight any issues early on in the buying process. Older pipes and draining systems could be damaged and not known about. You don’t want issues such as a major blockage or burst pipes to happen just after you take over the house.

In many cases, a blockage may have been cleared, but the cause was not known. However, the benefit of a CCTV survey is that it will show what is causing the obstruction. Nearby trees may have roots that will grow down to a water source and these can break through pipes. Having pre-knowledge of existing condition of your drainage and pipes is a powerful tool, as, if there are any problems you can negotiate these against the price of the house.

Another great reason to get a CCTV survey whether or not there is a blockage is the ease. Unlike traditional plumbing inspections, with closed-circuit TV, you don’t have the worry of digging up your landscape. If a blockage is found with the camera, just the area identified needs to be excavated or lined to repair the problem. This type of non-invasive examination of drainage systems is now the norm rather than the expectation.

The footage from the survey and a written report from your drainage specialist is very useful. Whether or not problems were identified, this footage and report can help later on if your drainage starts to give problem. The information can help to quickly identify where the problem could most likely be located.

CCTV blocked drain with roots in Surrey

CCTV blocked drain with roots in Surrey

Even with newer homes, if you did not have a drawing for your drainage, it is good ideas to do a CCTV survey. Another bonus of having a CCTV drain inspection is that you may just hit upon a bounty. Occasionally, a review of CCTV footage has revealed lost objects such as jewellery and toys.

Viewing the footage on a large monitor, the plumber or technician can see issues that could not have been seen with any other method. In fact, CCTV surveys take the guesswork out of plumbing work. Caring for your pipes is important so if you have never had a CCTV inspection done; it is time to do so.

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