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Blocked drains clearance in Steyning

Blocked drains clearance in Steyning

Mistakes People Make with Drain Clearance in Steyning

Drain blockage in Steyning is a common issue, for both commercial and residential users. Most of these cases require the most basic measures to remedy the situation, but this can lead to other problems. You should never take slow drainage lightly. It could be a sign of more serious issues to come. Let’s take a look at some mistakes frequently made by property owners when the drainage system starts to act up.

Overusing chemicals. Some chemical products are very good at breaking up clogs, and this is where the problem lies. It is easy to turn to them at the first sign of a slow drain, but you might be ignoring an issue in the system. If you have to use these products often it means that you should call a professional. You could also be causing damage to the drain lines.

Taking too long to call a professional. Do-it-yourself maintenance is usually a good thing, but there are some jobs that you will not be able to do. One of these is diagnosing problems inside your drain lines. Professionals in this field use equipment like CCTV cameras to inspect drains and hydro-jetting systems maintain drain lines. They can get deep into the system, and clear most types of blockage.

Continuing to use the drains. When your drains start to slow down or get blocked, flushing or letting out the sinks can be one of the worst things you can do. The build-up can worse to the point where the lines become completely blocked. If there is damage to the line, this can lead to flooding of the yard.

CCTV blocked drain with roots in Steyning

CCTV blocked drain with roots in Steyning

Choosing the wrong Steyning plumber. With all the technology available today, you should always choose a plumbing professional who has the latest equipment. Otherwise, you could pay for an excavation when a visual inspection would be enough.

Using drain augers. Augers are effective tools for getting rid of drain clogs, but you have to know how to use them properly. Good drainage engineers know exactly how to manoeuvre these devices for the best results.

Do-it-yourself devices. Some people try to deal with their drain problems by improvising their own devices. Usually this a straightened coat hanger, sometimes with the end fashioned into a hook. Not only is this generally ineffective, the hanger could mark the toilet basin or slip into the drain, giving you another thing to deal with.

A plumber who has up-to-date equipment is your best means of getting and keeping your Steyning drains clear. It is best to treat even a minor clog as a potentially serious issue, since there is no way you can know what is happening inside the system.

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