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CCTV drain inspection in Seaford

CCTV drain inspection in Seaford

Who is Responsible for Sewer Repair and Drain Repair in Seaford?

One of the challenges of dealing with common plumbing issues is determining the source of the problem. This is important, and it is helpful in assessing the situation. Drainage technicians in Seaford usually know whether the homeowner or local water authority or sewerage company, should be responsible for dealing blockages or damage. Shared sewers are generally under the control of the municipality. Homeowners must deal with any section of the drainage system on their properties. However they may also have to deal with drainage systems that are not under the control of the water authority. It can take some effort to work out the details, but it helps if you have a basic understanding of drains and sewers.

Drainage Systems

The basic differences lie in the size and the connections of lines. Some homes are not connected to a sewer system, but rather a private septic tank or cesspool.

  • Sewer. A sewer system usually collects waste from a number of different points. These can be a group of buildings or homes within an area. The responsibility for maintenance falls on authorities or the water company. The owners of some properties may decide to build their own sewer systems.
  • Lateral drain. This is the section of pipe that transverses the boundary of the property it is serving, & runs across property boundaries on a shared sewer.
    This is usually located outside the property and usually runs under a road. It is used to carry wastewater from the property to the sewer system.
  • Drain.This is the section of the system that first takes waste and water from a building or buildings on a property. This also applies to buildings that are connected to each other.
Drain repair In Seaford

Drain repair In Seaford

Carrying out Repairs

If your drains slow down, you can get a quick assessment using a CCTV survey. If the problem lies within the boundaries of your property, you will be responsible for the repairs. Depending of the severity of the problem, the repairs may be expensive.

The same applies to a private sewer, as the homeowner must take responsibility for the repairs and maintenance. If the private sewer serves different buildings on a single plot, all building owners must share the cost of maintenance and repairs.

Property owners are billed for sewer usage to help cover the cost of maintenance and repairs. If there is a blockage but it is not on the property, the water company will handle the repairs, but access to the homeowner’s property may be necessary.

There may be instances where the property owner asks a sewerage company to take control of a private sewer. The sewerage company can also request that property owner connect to the public system.

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