Blocked Sink

Blocked Sink In Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire & London


A blocked sink in your kitchen, bathroom or business can be a major problem. Blocked sinks can lead to overflows and flooding, and a major inconvenience and cost for your business or household. If water in your sink does not drain away, or drains slowly, you need rapid assistance.

DrainBoss Plumbing & Drainage has a team of friendly professional technicians who can free your blocked sink quickly, cleanly and efficiently, and with no call out cost and upfront pricing, you know exactly what to expect BEFORE we start the work.

We have trained technicians equipped with all the latest technology including high pressure jetting technology and electro mechanical equipment that will shift with the most persistent blockages from your sink. DrainBoss is available call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire & London.

If you have a blocked sink, Call DrainBoss Tel:07772 535248

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