Blocked Urinal

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Blocked urinals are formed due to excessive build up of lime scale & uric salts in the urinal traps or waste pipes.

Limescale is insoluble in water and forms on the exposed surfaces of urinals and in the urinal pipe. Uric salts can cause additional blockages from build up on the toilet and urinal surfaces. Descaling a urinal will clean the pipe to the base of the trap although partially degraded scale can block the drain as it fall off the pipe. Additional build up past the trap will often not be cleaned.

DrainBoss Plumbing & Drainage can clear blocked urinals by using such equipment as an electro-mechanical flexible steel coring rod. We remove scale build up in the primary pipe work through to the soil stack. We also descale build up from the urinal waste trap so the whole system is completely unblocked.

Our Urinal unblocking service is available as a one off clean but it is recommended we conduct a regular maintenance program to ensure your urinals always flow freely and reduce the risks or further blockages, expensive repair costs and improve overall hygiene standards.

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blocked urinals