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Blocked drains in Golden Cross

Blocked drains in Golden Cross

3 Valuable Reasons to Use Water Jetting for More than Blocked Drains in Golden Cross

Jetting is a safe and effective solution to blocked drains, and the most effective way of cleaning your plumbing before blockages occur. The jetting system we use at DrainBoss works by forcing pressurised water through the tip of the wand as well as back away from the tip. This dual motion process cuts through even the toughest drain blockages quickly and efficiently. Call DrainBoss for drain unblocking in Golden Cross.

Drain Unblocking

A blocked drain always happens at the worst possible time. Whether you’re preparing for work, a date, a wedding, or simply to leave the house for the day; or you’re hosting a large gathering with family, friends, or co-workers, a blocked drain is the worst. Your first line of defence is a plunger. The plunger is a great tool as long as it is used properly and pipes aren’t damaged in the process.

You may choose to try a drain unblocking liquid if you aren’t worried about guests smelling the harsh bleach smell they often leave behind. Take care in the use of drain unblocking liquids, because they weaken the inner walls of your pipes over time and should be used sparingly.

Two More Reasons to Use Water Jetting

  • Drain Maintenance: Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your plumbing system healthy. You can do several things to promote healthy drainage pipes, such as pour baking soda down the drain once per month. It is abrasive and works to clean the interior of the pipes as well as eliminate foul odours. Many homeowners simply forget to perform regular maintenance on a drain that is working perfectly. Another alternative is to call DrainBoss once per year for an inspection and cleaning.
  • Drain Repair: Roots and other external issues can sometimes cause damage to your drains. We have the technology to check pipes for damage without digging through your gardens to do so. We thread CCTV cameras through the pipe to thoroughly inspect the interior of the drain pipes for potential damage. We can address the damage or potential for damage immediately, preventing blockages before they can occur.
CCTV Inspecting A Blocked Drain In Golden Cross

CCTV Inspecting A Blocked Drain In Golden Cross

Repairing Damaged Drains after CCTV

In the event that we do discover drain damage, we are a fully licensed plumbing service with the capability to repair your drain pipe with as little disruption as possible. Most of our drain repair techniques rely on the latest technology to allow us to repair drains from the inside.

Plumbing or Flooding Emergencies in Golden Cross

DrainBoss is a 24/7 emergency service. We generally respond to emergency calls within the hour to minimize damage to your property. We employ the latest technology to remove water quickly and begin the drying and rehabilitation process. Fast response time means less time for structural damage, mould, or mildew to take effect. Call us for all plumbing or flooding emergencies in Golden Cross at 01323 322789. Mention code DB2301 and we’ll take 5% off of your invoice immediately if you’re a new customer.

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