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Drainage Air Pressure Testing

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Plumbing and Drainage Air Pressure Testing

Drainage air pressure testing is an excellent way for us to inspect and repair newly installed plumbing and drainage systems. The drainage system in any type of building is much more than simply a way for water and waste to drain to the sewers. Every part of the plumbing and drainage system has a specific part to play in protecting the structure as well as providing running water and indoor plumbing.

Drain air test

How Air Pressure Testing Works

1. We close all spigots and drains, including the drain that flows to the sewers.
2. We use air to pressurise the plumbing and drainage system.
3. We monitor the pressure for 5 minutes.
4. We search for any leaks and repair any damage.
5. We re-test as needed.

Every drainage system is unique in the way it is installed because every home or commercial office has individual requirements. Our goal is to ensure that the plumbing and drainage systems in newly constructed buildings are working as intended before they actually begin to work. We can use air pressure testing to locate potential problems and repair the pipes before they become a problem. For more information on air pressure testing, you can see more details in BS EN 1610 & in Building Regulations Approved Document H.

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We are an independently owned and operated plumbing and drainage business. We aren’t a big franchise, so we don’t have to increase our prices to pay franchise fees. And we let you choose whether you want to pay us by the hour or by the project.

Our services aren’t limited to the daylight hours because we understand that plumbing and drainage problems can happen any time. Our trucks are fitted with everything our technicians need to clean up and repair all plumbing and drainage problems. Make sure to mention the internet discount code DB2301 and we’ll instantly take 5% off of your invoice.

Our plumbing and drainage technicians are capable of drainage air pressure testing as well as troubleshooting and solving all other drainage problems. We are City and Guilds Accredited and Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme Accredited as well. Checkatrade.com is a wonderful place to get information about our plumbing and drainage services and to read reviews about us. DrainBoss, as of the time of this blog post, has a cumulative score of 9.90 out of 10 with 647 total reviews.



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Most frequent questions and answers

A water test or air test can be carried out on the drainage system and will enable us to find any defects within the drainage system. 

A pressure test on drains is carried out in front of a building inspector, often after new drains have been installed, to confirm there are no leaks in the pipework and they have been installed correctly. They can also used if a property is experiencing damp problems and need to confirm if there is a leak in the drains.

The section of pipework that is to be tested has airtight plugs installed. A drain pressure gauge is set to 110mm head for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the pressure gauge setting is changed to a 100 mm head reading and after 5 minutes any change in head is measured. Over this 5 minute period, the maximum allowable loss is 1″/25mm within a 5 minute period. 

We tend to use an air test on single pipes or individual drain pipes. Air pressure method is an effective test, but it can only be used when a drain can be capped at both ends.

The water pressure test a more involved test and is generally used for complete drainage systems, and also chambers and gullies. 


Signs you might have a leak will be Wet or damp patches in the garden even when the weather is sunny and the ground is dry .
You may notice some dirt, or air in the water.
there may be some cracking in paved areas such as pathways or patios.
Potholes or sinkholes appearing in the external areas such as lawns or paths.
A noticeable reduction in your water pressure from your taps or flushing from the toilets, and customers on a water meter may notice higher bills due to seeping/leaking water.

After a new build has been completed it is mandatory  to test the system and building control will insist on one being carried out to ensure the system is air tight and all the pipework has been correctly installed , we will carry it out and give a pass certificate to the relevant persons.