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Drain Rat Blocker (anti-vermin valve) Installation

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The basics of Rats!

The most common types of rats in the UK are the Brown Rat, otherwise known as the Norway Rat, there are also the Black or Roof Rat. They typically are up to 40 cm in length. These rats grow up to 500g in weight.

Rats use drains to travel un-noticed as they seek warmth and food in our offices, homes and other buildings.

 They most commonly enter buildings through the drains.

Rats pose a health risk and cause damage to property including being a fire risk as they tend to chew through electrical cables. They can also cause floods by gnawing into pipes and causing them to burst.

Rats carry many nasty diseases which they can spread to humans, normally through their urine, including;  Weil’s disease or Leptospirosis, Listeria, Salmonella,  Hantavirus and Toxoplasma gondii. Contact an expert in rodent control in Melbourne to eliminate all the rats.

Over the years there have been many system’s in place to try to eradicate these vermin dating back to the 1900s.

It was initially thought that putting in an interceptor trap (bend ) into the system the rats could not enter as they would get stuck in the bottom of the bend.

The only sure way to prevent rats entering into your properties is to have a rat blocker installed.

Rat blocking device

Rat Blockers

Whether you have a domestic or commercial property having a rat blocker installed is the best preventative measure.  

Rat blockers are made in high-grade stainless steel and will fit into any type of pipe, clay, upvc or cast iron. It has a clever hinged design which has two serrated flaps, suspended independently of each other, allowing the waste to leave, but preventing rats from entering into the properties drainage system allowing and ensuring the flow of all waste and water through the drains at all times. Make sure to contact professionals from pest control Sydney to check on potential threats.

Benefits of a rat blocker

As with pest control measures you do not handle any poisonous substances and have rat traps placed around your property or workplace. A rat blocker is environmentally friendly and is easily installed. It is more cost-effective than having pest control as once installed this will eradicate the rats completely from entering your property.

FAQ's on Rat Blockers

Will the rat blocker completely solve my rat problem?

The rat blocker installed into that drain line will stop the rat from entering into your property, however depending on the route that the rat is using to enter as they do have many different ways to gain access.

Does the rat blocker harm the rat at all?

No, the rat blocker will not harm or hurt the rat it just blocks off the point of entry, it will then exit the route it just came.

Are rat blockers easy to install?

Yes, rat blockers incredibly easy to install with little disruption to the customer. It is always advisable to have it installed by a qualified drainage engineer to ensure positioning is correct and it is sealed tight in the pipework.

How much does it cost to install a rat blocker?

As a guide price it costs between £200 plus vat and £300 plus vat depending on the size of pipework and as this is a one time cost it is the most cost-effective way to eradicate rats.

How Rats Navigate Drains:



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