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Drain Surveys: Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire & London.

DrainBoss Plumbing & Drainage provide a full CCTV drain survey service in in Sussex, Surrey and Kent, Hampshire and South London. We provide professional CCTV Drain Surveys in Brighton, Burgess Hill, Crawley, Crowborough, Eastbourne, East Grinstead, Haywards Heath, Horsham, Hove, Lewes, Littlehampton, Redhill, Reigate, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Worthing, and London.

Many businesses & homes find they have to clear blocked drains on a regular basis. This is inefficient and expensive! DrainBoss can find the cause of all blockages by using the very latest hi-tech CCTV equipment. We feed a camera into your drainage system and are able to pin point and diagnose whatever is causing the blockage and why it keeps blocking. We can perform a simple look and see survey to a full colour site report survey with a DVD explaining survey results. DrainBoss have push rod and crawler cameras and so are able to cctv survey larger drains like commercial and culverts.

A CCTV Drain Survey is essential if you are buying a new home. General house surveys don’t include surveying drains and without knowledge of how the drains perform, you could be letting yourself in for some serious & expensive problems.

If we discover you have a drainage problem we will provide a quote for the cost of repairing the problem. You can pass the report and quote on to the current owner of the property for them to put right or negotiate the price of the house.

The report will include information on:


Structural Condition and Information

This part of the report covers the present  condition of the drains and also includes any damage or potential areas that need work.



This part of the  drain survey show’s  any pipes that are displaced – not connected properly. This generally can result in leakage and poor and incorrect flow levels. We report any such issues and advise on any remedial work that maybe required.


Drainage System Ownership and Responsibility


There can be some confusion and is not always clear who is responsible for certain parts of the drainage and sewage systems around properties. This is one of those things that many people fail to think about until there is a problem.  Issues with neighbours and even legal problems in the event of a something going wrong. In our report we outline the boundaries of the property we will provide information about the drain ownership.


Detailed Report


You will receive a detailed report, including images and video from the drainage system ( cctv). This information can then be used during the property purchase and in the future for example should you want to put an extension on your  property you will have the layout of your system at hand, our operatives can always be on hand to ask any questions you may have.

 Pre & post construction CCTV Drain surveys

 It is often a requirement to carry out a pre-construction condition survey on drains, sewers and pipes prior to a construction project, in order to give clarity on  potential faults of or distress. The purpose of this survey is give an overall assessment of the condition of the drains, sewers or pipes in and located around the site that may be affected by the construction activities, for example vibration whilst working.

The findings for a pre- construction survey  are made into a report that includes a written statement of purpose for the report, any architectural or structural drawings that have been reviewed, a log of items  that have been viewed/observed and identifies  any which have shown signs of damage or distress.
 We also  provide details of remedial work required to address any faults and if required a quotation with no obligation  for the completion of proposed repairs. Reports are always supplemented with photo and video evidence where relevant.

A post-construction survey we recommend would  be carried out following the completion of any construction work to establish if any new faults or items of distress have arisen as a consequence of the construction activities.


Commercial CCTV Drain Surveys 

Remote controlled crawler drain CCTV survey technology is the most efficient and cost effective way to inspect large and/or long commercial and industrial drains, sewers and culverts up to a diameter of one meter. If you already have a drainage problem or keen to get an insight into the drains of a commercial property, perhaps for the future , a crawler camera CCTV drain or sewer survey is a quick and accurate way to get an instant, detailed look at the condition of your underground drainage system.
Using remotely-controlled camera systems ( known as a crawler camera ) that can view the entirety of the circumference of large drains with its remote controlled head, and software, the drain images are sent directly to a mobile van unit, where our operative assesses the condition and stability of the drain or sewer system. All this happens without any disruption to your property  — it’s a very quick process which provides you with a clear picture of the underground system.


Pre-tenancy drain surveys


Being the landlord of a rental property, it’s your responsibility to ensure the drains, waste pipes and sewers are in good condition when you let the property out. A pre-tenancy survey could be beneficial to the landlord to have a record of the system prior to it being let to the tenant should any damage occur during the letting period you have evidence that any damage incurred after the pre-tenancy drain survey could have been caused by the tenant. That can prevent disputes and reduce your costs.   

It is also worth noting that if you do not carry out a pre-purchase drain survey before buying the house you may have great difficulty in finding an insurer that will cover the cost of fixing any pre-existing drainage problems. Buying a New Home Is the biggest investment you are likely to make in your life – Isn’t a comprehensive Drain Survey worth getting for piece of mind to avoid this problem?

We Can handle Your Insurance Claim

If your insurance policy covers you for accidental damage and you have a damaged drain, we can remove the stress and fuss from you by handling the insurance claim on your behalf. We can carry out the cctv drain survey, complete the report and send it to your insurance company.

We conduct CCTV drain surveys for Domestic and commercial customers in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and South London. We are an independent local company, not a franchise, so we don’t have third parties to pay and can offer favourable rates.

For a CCTV survey Call: 03302235789 or call a location number close to you.




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Most frequent questions and answers

When you enter into the purchase of your new property it is most certainly worth carrying out a CCTV survey, that way you can be sure of the condition of the drains and can save you expensive bills later in the future.  It is beneficial and also can assist in your negotiations on the asking price if the drains are damaged. For a very small outlay in the beginning, we have found over the years it has saved some of our customers thousands of pounds.

A full CCTV survey is where we carry out an inspection of all your drainage system but it is recorded . You will then get a full written report , images and the recording of your drains. If any problems are found we will provide an estimate for recommended remedial works.

This is another CCTV for customers who don’t want a full property drainage survey or report.  The inspection isn’t recorded but the customer is normally present and can watch it on the engineer’s screen at the time of the survey to see the condition for themselves and only a verbal report is provided. We will also provide an estimate if any remedial works are recommended. Because a detailed report isn’t compiled, a cctv ‘look-see” inspection is generally cheaper than a full survey.

Our drainage engineer’s carry out site survey’s for domestic dwellings, commercial units, and industrial buildings as well as new build estates. We have camera equipment capable of cctv inspecting pipes from 110mm to 1m in diameter including culverts.

On average a CCTV survey takes between 1-2 hours for a domestic survey, however, it mostly depends on the size of the property, accessibility to manhole /covers and whether the drain needs to be jetted clean prior to the survey. We can advise, at the time of  booking, the survey the estimated time and if the customer need’s to be present.

Commercial survey’s tend to be longer owing to the size of the building and drainage system. We may find plans for the building helpful in commercial properties.

Any problems found in a drain will be highlighted on the report and marked according to severity. We will provide a description of recommended remedial works and estimated cost to repair the drain. You can then make an informed decision as to whether or when you wish to go ahead with the repair.