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Blocked Drains

Are you having problems with blocked drains? Then call DrainBoss Plumbing and Drainage! We know a blocked drain is a stressful time which is why you need fixing fast.

Blocked Toilet

Blocked toilets are a frustrating and messy experience for any home or commercial building resident. Toilets are not designed to cope with large amounts of waste.

Blocked Sink

A blocked sink can be a major problem. Blocked sinks can lead to flooding, and a major inconvenience and cost.. If water in your sink does not drain away, you need rapid assistance.

Blocked Bath

DrainBoss Plumbing and Drainage will clear any bathroom blockages quickly and safely. We have local drainage technicians and are fully equipped to deal with any drainage problem.

Blocked Shower

Unblocking a blocked shower can be a problem for you to clear, if your shower won’t drain away slowly you need to act fast to prevent your blockage escalating into a flood.

Blocked Urinal

Blocked urinals are formed due to excessive build up of limescale & uric salts in the urinal traps or waste pipes. Limescale is insoluble in water and forms on the surfaces of urinals.



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Most frequent questions and answers

You can prevent getting blocked drains by implementing simple steps such as using a plug hole strainer on sinks and showers, scraping excess food from plate before washing up in the sink. Do not pour oil down the drain. Pour it into an empty bottle or jar and place it in the bin.

A few indicators that you have a blocked drain are rising water in a toilet after you flush, sinks or baths that are draining very slowly, bad smells coming from drains and gargling plug holes .

The best method to unblock your drain is to use a plunger – as many home remedies (e.g. hot water, baking soda and vinegar) aren’t as effective as they are claimed to be or could cause further problems.

Ensure that the plunger is suctioned around the entrance to the blocked drain then pump it up and down. Every time you pull up water will be pulled up the drain and every time you push down water will be pushed down it. This will help to break up the clog and allow your drain to work properly again.

If you are unable to unblock your drain with these solutions then the best thing to do is to speak to a local drain unblocking company. DrainBoss provides 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire & London with no call out fee.

Many plumbers do unblock drains but ideally, you should contact a drain unblocking specialist like us. Drain unblocking specialists are more experienced and will be able to perform services such as a CCTV drain survey to pinpoint the cause of repeat blockages.

We provide 24/7 emergency drain unblocking services in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire or London so get in touch if you live in any of these areas and have a blocked drain.

Yes, we carry the equipment that is necessary on our vans such as professional plungers, rods, high pressure jetting units and cctv equipment, so, in most cases, the problem can be diagnosed and fixed on the first visit.

Plumbers use drain cleaners made from sulfuric or hydrochloric acid. These efficiently clean away clogs of hair, soap scum, food, fat and paper. These types of cleaners are generally safe to use if you have copper or new plastic pipes but you should never use them on older plastic, steel, aluminium or chrome piping.

Always use safety equipment including eye protection, make sure the room is well ventilated and never mix household cleaners.

No, we have a set price for standard blockages on domestic and commercial properties, we will tell you the price at the time of the booking. In certain circumstances, if anything more involved needs to be carried out, we will discuss everything with you before any costs are incurred and will not carry out the extra works until instructed to do so by you, giving you the full control of what work, if any, is done and when.

It can take a matter of minutes up to several hours for an experienced professional to unblock your drains with the correct equipment. It depends on the size and nature of the blockage. In most cases we will unblock a drain within an hour.

If you live in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire or London and need a drain unblocked then DrainBoss provides a 24/7 emergency plumbing service with no call out fee.

It is rare but not impossible, however, this would be discovered when we start attempting to unblock the drain. Our engineers have years of experience and it enables us to determine this very quickly and also have the skills to rectify and repair the problem in the most cost efficient and cost effective way. 

Yes, tree roots can grow and infiltrate into your drains but can be removed quickly and easily in most instances to prevent further damage.

Pitch fibre drains were introduced in the 1940s, and widely used until the 1970s. The life span of a pitch fibre pipe is approximately 40 years. If your pitch fibre drains are not leaking, damaged or blocking it is probably best to leave them alone. All the time the asbestos stays undisturbed and underground, it will not be a health risk.

If your pitch fibre drains are causing a problem, you can either have them excavated and replaced, or, if they haven’t been damaged too much, they can be repaired with non-dig repair technology, such as structural lining. A non-dig repair is generally quicker, cheaper and less disruptive than excavation and replacement. 

With either repair solution, it is important, due to the asbestos element, that pitch fibre pipes should only be handled by experts that will deal with them in a safe manor.

Your septic tank should last several years without maintenance. However, periodically, it should be cleared of sewage waste. This is done every few years. It is recommended that a professional perform this procedure due to the potential hazards involved. At DrainBoss, we provide a septic tank maintenance service ensuring that your septic tank works efficiently and that all pipework is cleared and free flowing.

Bleach is great at killing germs, sanitising your drain and helping to reduce odour but it will not clear a clogged drain. This is because bleach doesn’t eat through the soap scum and hair which typically clogs drains.

While it’s a common myth that vinegar and baking soda will unclog drains it isn’t true – the chemical reaction caused by mixing the two looks showy and effective but it doesn’t break down clogs.

Baking soda and vinegar create carbon dioxide gas (CO2) when combined and in a closed container this builds up a lot of pressure. However, because drains aren’t closed containers the pressure build-up caused by the reaction isn’t strong enough to be effective in moving the clog further down the pipe.

We don’t recommend pouring boiling water down drains as the heat of the water can soften or melt PVC piping. While boiling water can help to unclog a drain it is also possible that the boiling water will just push the clog deeper.

We’d recommend using a commercial drain cleaner or contacting a professional if needed. Many of the home remedies suggested won’t dissolve hair, might not help to loosen or remove the clog, or may even damage your pipes.

Make sure you choose a cleaner that is safe to use with the material your pipes are made of and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Don’t use drain cleaner in a toilet – most drain cleaners product heat as a result of the chemical reaction they create. This heat can crack the porcelain bowl of your toilet.