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Commercial and Domestic Soil Stack Cleaning

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DrainBoss provide soil stack cleaning service for both commercial building customers and domestic household customers.

What is a soil vent? Stack Pipe

A soil vent pipe is a pipe that takes all the waste from the toilet, bath, basin, sink and all other types of soil wastes to an allocated drain usually located externally but also vents above the house or commercial building in a safe way to make sure there are no un-wanted fumes and gases that filter back inside the property.

How do waste and soil stack pipes get blocked?

Often, the reasons a horizontal waste pipe will block can be from non-flushable items such as wet wipes, as well as the common culprit of fat, oil and grease. Symptoms of a blocked soil stack are:

  • Toilets not flowing when flushed
  • Sinks or baths not emptying efficiently


Vertical soil stack pipes can also get blocked up with these items and also uratic salt can build up creating scale and narrow the soil stack pipe’s diameter. Blockages are typically worse at the bottom of a soil stack pipe.

These blockages can appear as:

  • Water bursting from the joints of the soil stack pipe
  • Overflowing dirty water from the bottom of the pipe

How to solve a blocked soil stack

To solve a blocked soil vent pipe our experienced engineers will first make entry into the stack pipe usually via a rodding eye/access  point. If your stack does not have one we will cut into the stack pipe to gain access but also to enable us to fit a rodding eye.

We have various methods to clear and maintain a stack pipe.

Cable Machine -

There are both manual and an electric drain auger/cable machine.  A manual auger is one that you crank by hand through the blockage and pull it back out. With an electric drain auger, you’re able to use machine power to push it through a blockage and pull it out. With long enough cables it is sometimes used to cable down a soil vent pipe. 

High Pressure Water Jetting -

In many situations high pressure water jetting is one of the most effective ways of clearing or descaling a stack. We have varying jetting equipment with different ranges of pressures. Our 10,000 psi jetting unit  is often useful on commercial properties with multiple stacks. It is also beneficial to maintain stack pipes to ensure no scale or rust builds up thus preventing blockages. 

Milling -

Drain milling, a new modern technology allows us to remove any potential blockages from your drainage system including stack pipes it allows water to flow fluently. The innovative equipment has a special function that targets the affected area 

Soil stack milling prevents the need to excavate or renew pipes that are repeatedly blocked, Drain Milling can help to remove the blockage and descale without having to completely renew the pipe by targeting the specific areas with issues.

How much does it cost it de-scale a stack pipe?

Our rates vary for each individual project depending on numerous factors however we can advise on the cost prior to any work being carried out.

If you are having problems with soil stack blockages, whether in a large, commercial premises, or a domestic dwelling, call DrainBoss on 03302235789. We cover Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, South London and parts of Kent and will be happy to discuss your problem, advise the best solution and provide an estimate.



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