Blocked Drains

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Blocked Drains

Are you having problems with blocked drains? Then call DrainBoss Plumbing and Drainage! We know a blocked drain is a stressful time which is why you need fixing fast. Our professional drainage technicians will take care of your blocked drain 24/7 365 days a year.

Our services include drain blockage clearingdrain repairshigh pressure water jetting, CCTV surveys, root removal, and emergency plumbing. At DrainBoss, we are ready and waiting for your call all day, everyday.

Using powerful equipment and the latest technology, our drainage technicians can fix all drainage related problems. They are all DBS checked, work to the highest standards of Health & Safety and are City & Guilds accredited.

Unblocking drain
Blocked drainage in Brighton – caused by Birds Nest and Roots

We attended a job for a blocked drain in Brighton and tried to clean the blockage with rods and high-pressure water jets.

Whilst trying to clear the system we pulled back what looked like yarn. This attempt was unsuccessful.

The next step was to use a machine called a miller, we used the mini miller with no luck, and then the larger milling machine was called a maxi miller.

After using both size millers with no success the final attempt to get the system clear was to gain access via the pathed patio.

We excavated a tiny section on the client’s patio and were able to gain access into the drainage below by carefully cutting into a small section of the pipework.

We carried out high-pressure jetting and managed to remove the cause of the blockage which was a bird’s nest! There was also a large root mass present in the system which we were also able to jet and remove and full flow was restored to the drain.

To complete the job we then repaired the pipe underground that was used to enable us access into the system, re-instated the patio slabs, and ensure all the area was restored back to its original state.

Drain unblocking in Folkington

We are an independent company Operating in West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey and Kent with local technicians in each area. We are not a franchise and therefor can charge favourable rates as we have no third parties to pay. We charge a fixed fee so you know how much a job will be from the start and there is no callout charge even on bank holidays and weekends.

So if you have a blocked drain, toilet, sink, bath or shower, call us now and we will diagnose, fix and repair it rapidly.


Trading Standards - Buy with confidence


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Most frequent questions and answers

You can your drains from blocking by taking simple steps like using a plug hole strainer on your sinks and showers, removing excess food from plates before doing the washing up in your sink. Don’t pour oil down your drain. Instead, Pour it into a receptacle such as an empty bottle or jar and put it in the bin.

Indications that your drains need unblocking are toilet backing up post flushing, slow draining sinks or baths, bad smells emanating from drains and plug holes that gargle.

Each situation is different but generally it takes an average of between 45 -90 minutes to unblock a drain.

We use specialist equipment that we keep on our vehicles our vehicles such as professional plungers, rods , high pressure jetting unit and cctv equipment. Generally, the drainage problem can be understood and we will get your drains flowing again in one visit.

Not with DrainBoss. We have a fixed price for standard blockages on domestic and commercial premises, you will be told the price at the time of the booking. In some circumstances, if there is more involved work that needs to be carried out to fix the problem,  we will inform you of everything before any costs are incurred and we won’t carry out any additional works until you have instructed us to do so. 

This is unusual but not impossible, however, this would know if the drain had collapsed when we start attempting to unblock the drain. Our engineers plenty of experience and can determine this kind of problem very quickly. We also have the skills to remedy and repair the problem in the most cost effective and efficient way. 

Yes , tree roots can grow into your drains and cause blockages and damage, but they can be removed fairly simply, in most instances, with specialist machinery to prevent further damage.

Pitch fibre drains were installed in the 1940s, and were still installed until the 1970s. Pitch fibre pipes last approximately 40 years. If your pitch fibre drains are not leaking, deformed or blocking probably should be left alone. The asbestos is underground and so not a health risk.

If your pitch fibre drains do create a problem, they can be excavated and replaced, or, if they are not deformed too much, they can be structurally lined. This is a non-dig technology repair. Structural lining repair is on the whole, quicker, cheaper and less disruptive than excavation and replacement. 

It is important that only expert drainage operatives handle pitch fibre drain repairs due to the asbestos element.

Your septic tank should last a number of years without maintenance. However, every so often, it should be cleared of sewage waste. This is normally done every few years. It is recommended that a professional carries out this work due to the potential hazard risk. DrainBoss offer a septic tank maintenance service to ensure that your septic tank works proficiently and all the pipework is cleaned out and free flowing.