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Blocked drains clearance in Newhaven

Blocked drains clearance in Newhaven

Prevent Blocked Drains Newhaven

Common everyday items can cause your Newhaven drains to become blocked and while you may not notice the blockages immediately, you will discover them eventually. Most of the time, you will notice that you have a blocked drain when a sink or toilet continuously becomes blocked, but there may be a time where you do not notice it until much more damage has been done. Some of this damage includes leaking roofs, walls, or ceilings, damage to electrical outlets, and smelly foul water.

There are many things that you can do to prevent blocked drains at your house and they will not cost you any money, instead they will just take a little bit of your time and energy.

In your kitchen, you will want to be careful of what you place down your kitchen sink drain. You should never pour grease down your drain and you should scrape all of your plates off before rinsing them off in your sink. Certain foods like rice, bread, and pasta can expand inside your drain and cause a blockage.

Your bathroom is where quite a few blockages can occur. Most of the blockages in a bathroom are caused by hair and soap, and while there is not much that you can do about the soap, you can place a drain cover over your drains to collect any loose hair and prevent it from entering your drain. There are certain items that should never be flushed down your toilet and these include diapers, wipes, cotton balls, and sanitary items. You should also be conscious of how much toilet paper you are using, because flushing too much at once can cause an immediate blockage.

CCTV blocked drain with roots in Newhaven

CCTV blocked drain with roots in Newhaven

Some of the drains for your home are located outside and it is necessary to keep these areas free of leaves, sticks, and other debris. If debris is left covering up your drains outside, then the water will have nowhere to go and it will end up back inside your home.

If you have a blocked drain in Newhaven and you have no idea why, then it is necessary to call a professional local drain specialist. They will be able to assist you with finding the cause of your blockage and they can help you remove the blockage for good so that all of your drains are in good working order once again.

DrainBoss is a locally owned and operated business close to Newhaven. We don’t have the large overhead that many plumbing and drainage companies add to your bill. We never charge a call out fee regardless of the time of day or night. We are a true 24/7 plumbing and drainage company with experience dealing with emergency situations. We’re fully equipped to handle overflows and all other types of plumbing or drainage problems.

Check out our credentials at Many of our customers are repeat callers because they trust the quality of work we provide and the reasonable prices as well. We are CHAS accredited (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) and City & Guilds Accredited. Give us a call at 01323 332789 any time day or night in the event of an emergency blocked drain situation in Newhaven.

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