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Case Study: Blocked drainage in Brighton

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Blocked drainage in Brighton – caused by Birds Nest and Roots

We attended a job for a blocked drain and tried to clean the blockage by rods and high pressure water jet ,

Whilst trying to clear the system we pulled back what looked like yarn. This attempt was unsuccessful.

The next step was to use a machine called a miller , we used the mini miller with no luck and then the larger milling machine called a maxi miller.

After using both size millers with no success the final attempt to get the system clear was to gain access via the pathed patio.

We excavated a tiny section on the client’s patio and was able to gain access into the drainage below by carefully cutting into a small section of the pipework .

We carried out high pressure jetting and managed to remove the cause of the blockage which was a bird’s nest ! There was also a large root mass present in the system which we were also able to jet and remove and full flow was restored to the drain.

To complete the job we then repaired the pipe under ground that was used to enable us access into the system, re-instated the patio slabs and ensure all the area was restored back to it’s original state.

Blocked drainage in Brighton