Rats in Drains in West Sussex

CCTV drain survey - Rat in Drain

CCTV drain survey – Rat in Drain

How to Get Rid of Rats in Drains in West Sussex

Think rats can’t swim or enter your home through the drains? Think again! They’re disease-carrying vermin that can swim for long periods of time, so swimming from the sewers through the drainage pipes and into your home isn’t really much of an issue. Today we’re going to tell you how rats enter your home and share some pretty interesting rat-related information with you.

How Rats Enter Your Home through the Drain

None of us willingly leave the door open and invite vermin into our homes. But our bath, shower, sink, and toilet drains are excellent paths for rodents. The pockets of water, often referred to as traps, also trap air pockets that provide plenty of oxygen for rats to survive the long swim from the sewers to your toilet bowl or other drain opening.

Rats are extremely flexible and can fit through very small openings. Many rats can fit through an opening about the size of a 10 pence. Their skeleton, including their rib cage, can collapse and fit through any hole that they can fit their head through. This makes it very easy for them to navigate through sewage pipes and into your toilet or drains.

Rats chew through nearly everything from plastic to sheet metal. A rat’s teeth often chip away in the process of chewing through things. Their teeth continually grow, like human hair, so they’re always growing new teeth as theirs sharpen and break away.

How to Get Rid of Rats in the Drain in West Sussex

You can do a few things to prevent rats in the drain, but always remember that they are a possibility when you have drainage problems. First, rats are creatures of habit. They establish pathways for their daily business which includes going out to find food. They bring the food and debris that they find outside the drain back to their nest. Find their pathways and block them or trap them there.

Next, keep an eye on areas where mice and rats have already been. Clean those areas and keep them clean of rubbish and food scraps that invite rat activity. Simply keeping the area clean can deter them for a time, but it won’t keep them away forever.

CCTV drain for evidence of rat infestation

CCTV drain for evidence of rat infestation

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