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Blocked drains in Pevensey

Blocked drains in Pevensey

Facts and Myths about Toilet Unblocking in Pevensey

There are lots of facts and myths intertwine when talking about toilet unblocking in Pevensey. Some of the myths associated with clogged drains and unblocking them is funny, while others are scary truths. Some of these facts and myths are:

  • Rodents and other creatures cannot swim upstream: This is so wrong! Snakes and rats especially can and have swum upstream and exist through your toilets. Now, don’t become too traumatized as the occurrences are not that frequent.
  • Plungers are magical tools for all kinds of blockages: Depending on the type of blockage, even the best plunger will be useless in clearing the blockage. In fact, if the clog is not small and fairly easy to clear, using a plunger may lead to the toilet overflowing.
  • Flushing a live goldfish: You have seen the movies where dead or unwanted goldfish are flushed away. If a pet goldfish dies, you can safely flush it if it is tiny, although this is not recommended. However, it is definitely not a good idea to flush a live fish done the toilet. Even though it is very unlikely to happen, a live fish in the sewer system may survive and cause havoc on the ecological system. Flushing a live fish is also traumatic and cruel to the fish.
  • Keep flushing until the block is clear: This method has resulted in overflowing toilets that just end up making a bad situation worse. If the toilet is blocked, the best way to clear it is to flush once and then turn off the water source to the toilet tank. If the blockage is there but most of the water is gone from the toilet bowl, use the remaining water to flush again without fear that it will overflow. If nothing happens, be safe and call the plumber.
  • Blocked toilet drains in Pevensey

    Blocked toilet drains in Pevensey

    Using a plunger: While plungers are good at remaining small blockages, it is important to know that not all plungers are the same. There are plungers for sink and plungers for toilets.

If unblocking toilets in Pevensey and just about anywhere, you need to know what is causing the blockage so you can use the right methods to clear it. Some tried and proven methods for unblocking toilets debunk some myths. If you are unsure of what to do, it is always better to err on the side of caution and get the professionals.

DrainBoss is Checkatrade vetted and ready to attend to any blocked toilets in the Pevensey area. Usually we can attend within the hour and get your toilet working again promptly.

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