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Blocked toilet drain in Billingshurst

Blocked toilet drain in Billingshurst

3 Solutions for Unblocking a Blocked Toilet Billingshurst

You go into your bathroom and you find water all over the floor. This is a common scenario for many people and the easy answer is that the last person in the bathroom flushed the toilet and the toilet is now blocked. The blockage caused water to flow back into the toilet, which then spilled all over the floor.

There are 3 solutions that you can try when you are dealing with a blocked toilet:


A plunger is your best friend when you have a blocked toilet. Before you use the plunger, you will want to make sure that you have some water inside the toilet. If there is very little down at the bottom of the toilet bowl, you will want to flush the toilet once to get some water into the toilet. If you have plenty of water inside the toilet (and all over the floor), do not flush the toilet at all! You will want to place the plunger inside the toilet and push it up and down quickly. The force from the plunger and the water should hopefully be enough to dislodge the blockage.

Plumber’s Snake

If a plunger just isn’t up to the job, then you will need to use a plumber’s snake. Place the end of the plumber’s snake inside your toilet and then as you are turning the handle, feed the snake further down into your toilet. The turning motion of the snake should break up the blockage and turn it into smaller pieces that can go down through your pipes, but be careful not to scratch your toilet pan.

Blocked toilet Billingshurst

Blocked toilet Billingshurst

Compressed Air

Compressed air has been used for a long time to remove blockages in toilets, but we recommend that you have a professional perform this task. The air can dislodge the blockage so quickly that it will shoot out of the first available pipe in the room. That means that you may have things shooting out of your sink and getting all over you and your walls, ceiling, and floors. If not used carefully, the compressed air can come out with such a force that it could also loosen joints in the pipework, creating a leak that you didn’t have before, and making your problem worse.

A blocked toilet is usually easy to fix, but there may be times when a blocked toilet is a sign of a significant blockage elsewhere inside your home. If your toilet is continuously getting blocked or you cannot get the blockage out, then we recommend that you call a professional drainage plumber to find the cause of the blockage.

If your toilets are blocked, call us to come and tackle the issue for you to avoid the risks involved. DrainBoss is a locally owned and operated business that services Billingshurst. We don’t have the large overheads that many franchised plumbing and drainage companies do, adding costs to your bill. We never charge a call out fee regardless of the time of day or night. We are a true 24/7 plumbing and drainage company with experience dealing with emergency situations. We’re fully equipped to handle blocked toilets and all other types of plumbing or drainage problems in Billingshurst.

Check out our credentials at Many of our customers are repeat callers because they trust the quality of work we provide and the reasonable prices as well. We are CHAS accredited (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) and City & Guilds Accredited. Give us a call at 01403 597789 any time day or night in the event of an emergency blocked toilet or drain in the Billingshurst area.

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