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Case Study: Blocked drains in Lewes

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Lewes in East Sussex is a lovely town is well known for the very busy high street shops,

DrainBoss received a call from a busy coffee shop in lewes high street regarding lots of reoccurring drainage issues on their business premises. Including blocked drains.

DrainBoss attended, within two hours, to the coffee shop as we understand how important it is as a business to get the issues resolved promptly.

We cleared the blockage which was the immediate problem so that the coffee shop could get back to normal however we then always inspect further to prevent this happening again and find the cause of the blockage but in this case there-occurring issues, it is always our priority to ensure that we have completed the job to the highest standard and more importantly we can prevent any further blockages in the future.

We continued our work by carrying out a CCTV Inspection, this is a camera that we send down into the drainage system and watch it on the monitor. This was sent downstream of the drain line and we discovered that there was a buried manhole in the kitchen.

We traced the drainage system and then dug down and exposed the buried chamber to find a buried interceptor trap.

What Is an Interceptor Trap?

Drain interceptor traps were originally fitted to prevent rats and sewer smells from venting into properties. They can, However, cause lots of drainage problems. They are made from clay, which means they can easily suffer from root ingress and can be fractured with movement.  A build-up of, grease, debris, and fat within the trap itself will then cause severe blockages.

Our engineer dug down the buried interceptor trap to expose it. He then gave this a full high pressure clean removing all build-up of waste and debris which had been accumulating over a long period of time. Once the trap was thoroughly clean the engineer, inspected all the system with our cctv camera to ensure it was back to full working order and the drains were free flowing.You can also click over here now to avail chimney cleaning service .

Summary- Recap

  1. Located and cleared the initial blockage in the Coffee Shops drains.
  2. We then inspected the system to ensure peace of mind and found hidden manhole.
  3. We discovered a buried inspector trap which was also fully blocked, and we believe may have caused reoccurring blockages & foul smells.
  4. We unclogged and cleansed the interceptor trap.

Our drainage engineer left a job sheet written with a full description of the works carried out.

cctv inspection to understand drain health