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Case Study: Blocked drains In Haslemere GU26

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Drain Boss were called out to a local pre-school located in the village of Haslemere GU26.

Drain Boss quickly identified the urgency in this particular job as there was small children on the site and there was sewage seeping into their outdoor play area. Backing up drains left sewage in the area which needed investigating and clearing promptly.

We first attended on site within the hour and we  were able to discover that the drain was located underneath the astro turf.

After exposing the manhole our engineer was able to properly investigate the issue by first clearing and carrying out high pressure water jetting to remove the initial  blockage with the use of our mini jet .

The next thing we needed to do was get a visual idea of the drainage system and to identify the cause of the blockage being on a pre – school we needed to ensure the issue was rectified on that day .

The engineer got his CCTV equipment from the vehicle and fed the camera head down through into the system whilst watching it on the monitor..

We found another significant blockage further down into the system which was a build up of toilet tissue and paper hand towels.

The pipework had a vast amount of scale on it  and our engineer believes that the paper was catching on the scale over a long period of time and eventually caused a collection in one particular area and thus causing the blockage.

Our engineer carried on further high pressure jetting works until the blockage finally was removed and away down to the sewer and extensive jetting to remove the scale , debris and build up in the system.

Once our engineer was satisfied all the scale had been removed he checked the system again by use of CCTV to  to ensure all the blockage was removed and descaled to ensure correct flow.

We thoroughly flushed through the system once again to test and that flow was restored .

Our engineer heavily sanitised the play area where the sewage had been sitting and advised the school of the cause of the blockage and suggested that yearly descale works may be beneficial.

The school was very pleased by the efficiently of the job and were delighted that they were able to use the play area again later in the day.

Blocked drain in Haslemere