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Case Study: How to clear blocked drains, pipes and sewers in Pulborough?

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In this case study we go through some of the questions we ask clients when they call us to find the best solution for clearing a blocked drain.


Case Study – Blocked drain (residential client) in Pulborough.

Our client had an external utility room located near the kitchen to the rear of the house. He noticed a combination of problems around the utility room and kitchen:

  1. Water was draining slowly from kitchen sink.
  2. Water was backing up and draining slowly from the washing machine.
  3. The kitchen sink gurgled when the washing machine was working.
  4. Smells coming from the kitchen sink.

The client realised there was a blockage and tried to clear it himself using a plunger and some chemical drain unblocker, however, the problems persisted and the drain remained blocked.#


Questions we asked in order to ensure we provided the right service

After an internet search search, the client found DrainBoss and decided to give us a call. We asked him a few short questions to find out what problems he was experiencing so we establish the best course of action:

»  What services are being affected?   (see above points 1-2 above)

»  What signs do you have that something is wrong?   (see above points 3-4 )

»  What is access to the site like?

The answers to the above questions help us determine what vehicles and equipment would best utilised for your situation.


How we unblock drains, pipes and sewer

DrainBoss use a variety of equipment and techniques to clear blockages. Depending on the situation and requirements we may use some or all of these, like how to convert septic to sewer.

• A CCTV camera inspection is the best way to visually access pipes and see what the situation is. The footage and information about the blockage can assist our operatives in determining the cause of the obstruction in the drain (in this case the problem was tree root ingress and fat) and the best solution to remove it.

• Water jetting – High pressure water jetting breaks up and clears the blockage. It is safe and effective, with no environmental impact or damage to the drain.

The Outcome – Restoring water flow

In this particular situation, DrainBoss carried out a CCTV camera inspection and water jetted remove the tree roots and fat in the pipe. We then installed a structural liner into the pipe to seal, and smooth the pipe and to prevent the roots from growing back. The site was left with the drain all flowing as should and all problems listed from 1-4 removed.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a blocked drain or require drain repairs in Pulborough.

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